Strategic Plan

Qualtime is a proactive, nurturing organisation that is committed to promoting the belief in the abilities of our clients to fulfill meaningful and valued roles within the life of their communities. Qualtime values focus on upholding our Client’s human and legal rights, while contributing positively toward attaining their goals and aspirations.

The next four years look to be a time of significant change within the sector and Qualtime. Qualtime has always been up for a challenge and we definitely look forward to a future where we will grow while maintaining our core values and beliefs as we seek opportunities for our Clients.

The primary strategic focus for 2014/ 16 is to maintain our quality services, ensuring a balanced budget, source new and appropriate funding and develop and implement systems to ensure Qualtime is well placed for the NDIS full implementation.

Strategic Goals

The Strategic Goals for Qualtime over the foreseeable years are to:

  • Ensure Transparency and Accountability in quality services and balanced budgets.
  • Ensure Financial Viability and Sustainability
  • Manage growth and minimise risk
  • To investigate and undertake Funding Grant opportunities to increase funds independent of Government.
  • Refurbish existing facilities to provide for respite provision offering overnight, weekend and emergency respite care.
  • Establish and strengthen linkages, partnerships and collaboration with other Service Providers and the Community to allow for greater Community inclusion and choice for the Individual.
  • Maximise use of existing facility through extending the hours of operation.
  • Create new and innovative opportunities for people with a disability and improve and expand the existing services offered by Qualtime.
  • Explore possibilities of growth and diversity within areas of Accommodation Support and Respite Services.
  • Strengthen and grow the Volunteer participation within Qualtime