Q Life – Self Direction YLYC

Q Life is a six step self-directed support model designed to encourage individuals with disabilities, their families and stakeholders to take control of the direction of the services that they receive by working together to develop their personalised plan that is based around individual needs, choice, control and reasonable and necessary supports. The foundation of the Q Life program is in working with the participant to plan well.  Q Life will promote the importance of the participant to take control of their planning with as much or as little assistance from Q Life as they need.

Q Life supports the right of its participants to make informed decisions, respect participant’s dignity of risk and balances Q Life’s duty of care.  While representing the participants capacity to make their own decisions and choices, Q Life recognises it needs to be responsive to the changing needs of the participant and incorporate measures, in the plan that provide for changes in capacity. Q Life understands that all individuals lives can fluctuate and the Q Life personalised plan needs to be flexible and responsive as to adapt, with innovative and creative ideas to be nurtured as the participant moves through their journey.  Q Life will provide information and opportunities for the participant to integrate services in to their plan that they may never have considered in their historical support structure.

Q Life provides opportunities for participants to develop relationships with their communities in a way that is meaningful and inclusive by planning services with the participant which allow the participant to connect and create natural, enduring associations.  Q Life fosters the belief that the participant and their stakeholders, through good planning, monitoring and review, establish safeguards to ensure that quality of services, choice and control are paramount and central to a sustainable, reasonable and necessary plan.

Q Life will work with individuals to ensure that services provided meet the needs of those individuals that have a specific cultural or linguistic affiliation by developing and maintaining partnerships with service providers, ethnic/ community groups, allied health and other identified groups in the community and by providing appropriate training to Qualtime staff that supports and facilitates cultural competency.Q Life Brochure