Learning Life Skill

Step Ahead

The Step Ahead program was developed for Clients to acquire or enhance their life skills. Clients are assisted to develop their money handling skills, communication skills, time management, computer and technology and many other valuable life skills.

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program is designed to transfer the skills developed in the Step Ahead Program into real life situations in the community. It is also open to Clients with existing skills who may require support to access the community. The focus of the program is for Clients to support each as peers and gain confidence from each other to achieve their goals.

Activities include but not limited to, public transport-timetables, catching trains, buses, linking transport; essential services – identifying, understanding and visiting essential services; money handling – paying bills, paying for services, shopping, etc.

By the Clients embracing the philosophy of the program, they are able to support each other to achieve their goals. They were able to maximise every opportunity to learn life skills while out in the community.   Qualtime fosters the belief that Clients can fulfil valued roles in the community that are both meaningful and inclusive.


An individually funded or user pay program, scheduled twice a week for school leavers aged 18 to 25. The aim of this program is to develop and further enhance the participant’s independent living skills and participation in the life of the community. Qualtime advocates for lifelong learning which can be achieved through established modules and other flexible and practical skill building pathways.LEARN Brochure…