Day Services

This program provides individuals with disabilities stimulating and meaningful day activities as identified in their individual Support Plans. These programs enhance skill development and provide social and recreational opportunities in both our Centre and the community.

Qualtime is committed to developing and/or extending identified goals. We work with parents, carers and families on a close basis and confer with specialists as necessary.

Some of the activities our Clients undertake and enjoy include:

  • Visiting local community groups to meet new friends
  • Attending T.A.F.E. or other courses
  • Ferry rides, city cat rides, bush walks, carpet/ten pin bowling
  • Movies, picnics, shopping, BBQ, restaurants and cafes
  • Swimming programs
  • Support with meal times and personal care
  • Money handling skills & budgeting
  • Life skills – shopping, setting the table, cleaning, safety, basic food preparation and gardening
  • Computers and Technology
  • Interactive arts and crafts
  • Music extravaganza