The Auditor in accordance with requirements of the Human Service Quality Standards and JAS-ANZ Human Service Scheme Parts 1 and 2 has assessed the application for certification by Qualtime Association Inc. This report documents the findings of the Certification Audit conducted at Qualtime Association Inc on 8-10 April 2014.

“Qualtime adopts a strong person-centered approach to its service delivery.”

“… to maximise consumers’ opportunities to better access/engage in community based activities. Consumers are encouraged to be self-directed and to make their own decisions and they and their families are consulted about and encouraged to actively participate in all planning and review processes.”

“Consumer feedback was uniformly very positive”  “… Qualtime staff are dedicated, highly professional, caring, respectful and positive.”

“The exceptional quality of Service documentation has subsequently been noted in a Positive Observation made in the Audit Findings in relation to Standard 1.4”

“Workplace health and safety practices are very well established, with a Registered Nurse (RN) undertaking specialist policy development, training, support plan and supervision activities to ensure appropriate responses to consumers with special needs”

“Probity requirements are well documented, regularly monitored and all up to date”

“Qualtime management is clearly committed to quality assurance and continuous improvement in all aspects of service delivery.”

“In summary, Qualtime presents as a very well-managed, client centred Service which is supported by quality policies, procedures, systems and processes. The Service demonstrates a clear commitment to Continuous Improvement in all aspects of service development.

The Auditor is satisfied that Qualtime Association Inc meets the requirements of the Human Service Quality Standards.”

Source: Audit of Qualtime Association Inc against the Human Services Quality Standards, Conducted by IHCA Certification Pty Ltd in April 2014