Qualtime Association Inc is a leading provider of Disability supports and services in Brisbane North. Qualtime is a Not for Profit organisation established for Individuals with disabilities and their carers.

Qualtime operates 7 days a week from our purpose-built premises in Taigum.  We facilitate quality services including Respite Programs, Social Programs, Day Centre Programs, Learning and Life Skill Programs, Children’s Programs, Overnight Support and Q Life (YLYC).  Q-Life is Qualtime’s self-directed support model that enables its participants to take control from the outset and steer the direction of supports that they receive. With our skilled and dedicated workforce, we are able to provide high quality support services to Individuals with disabilities and their carers.

The Qualtime approach is flexible which empowers the Client, providing greater choice and control. Qualtime works with the Client and carer to develop a person-centred plan promoting the belief in the right of our Clients to fulfil meaningful and valued roles within the life of their communities.